TREND-LETTER the ecological 
electronic Flyer 

Exists environmentally friendly advertising?

TREND-LETTER: 0% emissions, paper or waste - but 100% clean advertising!

It does, our electronic flyer TREND-LETTER needs neither trees nor paper, no cars and also produces no CO2 in distribution, clogs no streets or squares and produces no waste.

We want to contribute to making your business known to interested internet users in an environmentally friendly, CO2 neutral, data protection compliant and cost-effective way. 

Without annoying pop-ups that cover up texts, without videos that are interrupted by advertisements. And that independently of all social media.

We look forward to supporting you! 




One coffee: € 4.25 One day TREND-LETTER service from € 3.- New customers: Priceless

Less costs than for a coffee? 

That's right! 

The service packages are very reasonably priced and also offer the ABO-BONUS. From 3 months of continuous booking, without any changes, you also get the ABO-BONUS deducted directly from your bill.

To be honest, to inform a hundred or more people a day about your business, special offers, products or services, the daily expenditure is lower than for a coffee in a coffee house. 

That's why we have developed TREND-LETTER in three different packages to meet the needs of a wide range of businesses. In addition, our special services - on request - offer many possibilities to implement wishes or necessities for a small extra charge.


for € 7.- per day only

for € 7.- per day only

· Basic Services

· Head banner-slider (up to 3 images)

· Links (unlimited)

· Buttons (unlimited)

· Market-Selection: Germany or Germany-Austria-Switzerland Region) or international

· Selected countries (up to 3)

· approx. 40.000 hits per month

· Free revisions before publishing (unlimited)

- 10 % Subscription Bonus (minimum 3 months continuous online without changes)

Package-Price € 210.- ex. V.A.T. (€ 252.- incl. V.A.T.) per month (30 Days)

for € 5.- per day only

for € 5.- per day only

· Basic Services

· 1 free Head banner (optional)

· 4 Links

· 4 Buttons

· Market-Selection: Germany or (Germany-Austria-Switzerland, Region)

· approx. 25.000 hits per month

· up to 3 free revisions before publishing

- 8 % Subscription Bonus (minimum 3 months continuous online without changes)

Package-Price € 150.- ex. V.A.T. (€ 180,- incl. V.A.T.) per month (30 Tage)

for € 3.- per day only

for € 3.- per day only

· Basic Services

· 2 Links

· 2 Buttons

· Market-Selection: Germany or (Germany-Austria-Switzerland region)

· approx. 5.000 Hits per month

· 1 free revision before publishing

- 5 % Subscription Bonus (minimum 3 months continuous online without changes)

Package-Price € 90.- ex. V.A.T. (€ 108.- incl. V.A.T. ) per month (30 Tage)



  • 100 % electronic and environmentally friendly
  • National or international reach
  • Individual in creation and programming
  • Automatic display adjustment
  • No annoying pop up or flash
  • Independent of social media
  • GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliant
  • Visitor-Statistics


  • Each TREND-LETTER is individually placed on networks, topic portals and online magazines and visited by interested parties.
  • 100 % human access, based on geo-marketing.
  • Desired effect: More visitors to your website or online shop.
  • Guaranteed effect: Every visitor learns about your company or offer. 


  • The page screen technique makes it possible to use an excerpt from your website as a default in order to achieve the greatest possible recognition of your corporate identity. If you do not yet have your own website, we are happy to offer the graphic TREND-LETTER creation as an additional service. 
  • Each content is subject to a detailed check and can be rejected by the provider without giving reasons.


Not found the right one?  

Our e-mail support service will be happy to process and respond to your request, Mon-Tue within in a maximum of 48 hours.

 Requests from your Smart-Phone or without E-Mail Account? 

No problem please use our Online request-form. 


Personally?  We are pleased to call you back!